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Me as Bix Beiderbeck, a legendary cornet player of the 1920s.

With me is Frank Kopyc as Paul Whiteman, band leader. 

Frank is who I based much of Quark on.

This is also from "Hoagy, Bix..."
This photo is a recreation of a very famous Bix Beiderbeck photo.
My resemblance to him is uncanny.

This photo is from “Three Penny Opera” at the Guthrie Theater.
I am Ready-money Matt, Theo Bikel is Mack the Knife (in cell), and Fred Applegate is Crook-fingered Jake

This is Kitty and I doing "Love's Labour's Lost." I am Costard. She is Maria.
We celebrated our 1st anniversary together doing this show in Abington, VA.

A photo from "I Remember Mama."
With Elizabeth Hubbard as Aunt Trina, my love interest.

Photograph by Martha Swope.

This is from our Broadway production of "Saint Joan" at the Circle in the Square.

Lynn Redgrave is Joan. Rot Cooper is Baudicourt

Photograph by Martha Swope.

Me as Pascal.

This character is called Weasel, from a movie called “Arena” that I shot with Mark Alaimo in Rome.
It was my first prosthetic makeup role.

My first magazine cover, 1977.

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